Portrait of the artist, inspired by Gustav Klimt
Two young women sitting on a bench. They have recently gotten out of the water. wistful
a pink face with a smaller painting inside showing two hands interlacing fingers
3/4 view of a woman's face
Portrait of a face caught in nighttime light, smoking a cigarette. A broken flower pod and a butterfly sticker surround.
portrait view of a person's face in blue with a smaller frame showing a woman looking into someplace in the distance
two poppies on a mostly black background
Portrait of the neck and shoulders of a young person in blue, with two small frames in red showing hands reaching towards eachother
Mostly purple, a person laying on their arm
mostly red portrait of a young woman's face
Hazy painting of a figure sitting in a loft bedroom, looking towards an open window
a woman looking past the frame of the painting, standing in front of mountains. There's a nectarine and a shell on a ledge behind her
Two hands reaching towards eachother, surrounded by talismen: daffodils, a now-destroyed sign from an autobody shop, a portrait
oil painting, mostly green. a girl wading waist-deep in water